Logic VS Pro Tools: Who Do You Give Your Money To?

Posted: Thursday, May 9, 2013 by Dylan Benson in Labels: , , , ,

In the world of audio, there are quite a few digital audio workstations (DAWs) to choose from.  However, unless you are set on making phat beats with FL Studio, then you are aware that the two biggest players in the DAW world are Apple’s Logic Pro, and Avid’s Pro Tools.  With the onset of Pro Tools turning things up to eleven, and more unconfirmed rumors about Logic Pro 10, it’s only appropriate to visit the Ford VS Chevy battle of the audio world: Logic VS Pro Tools.

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Currently, Apple is on its long running Logic Pro 9.  Avid’s Pro Tools is currently on version 10, but is to be rolling out version 11 in the near future (Pro Tools 10 will be used for comparison unless stated otherwise).  Both are quite popular in the industry.  Which one is best?  This can seem like a loaded question, unfair, or inapplicable to some.  GearSlutz has a heated forum thread about this.  There are simply certain things that each does better than the other. 

Pro Tools Turns it up to 11 - Goodbye RTAS and TDM

Posted: Wednesday, May 8, 2013 by Dylan Benson in Labels: , , , ,

If you are in the audio industry, you are one with Pro Tools.  That is just how it is.  If you have been keeping up with Pro Tools, then you are well aware that Avid is releasing the next installment in the Pro Tools line up: Pro Tools 11.

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I always thought that Pro Tools 9 was a huge jump forward, but Avid took it even a step further after 10.  Dare I say: they turned up to eleven?  There are plenty of changes this time around.  Some I am looking forward to, some I am not.  Now I will say that since I am on a budget, the latest Pro Tools I have is PT9, and I like most things about it.