Signed Streetlight Manifesto CD

Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by Dylan Benson in Labels: ,

For anyone who is into the ska band Streetlight Manifesto, you know it is pretty rare to too see something autographed/signed by them.  This was just what I was thinking when I ran into someone who claimed to have a signed copy of Streetlight Manifesto’s 2007 album “Somewhere in the Between”.

When I got to see the album, I was satisfied and jealous.  It seems that it’s more common to find something from Aerosmith or Kiss, then Streetlight Manifesto.  Granted, those two are more popular then this ska band from New Jersey.

“I was a fan of Streetlight when I first met some of the members in 2006,” said the owner of this CD.  He went on to tell us that he was talking to a friend in 2007 about Streetlight.  “He was jealous that I knew members of the band!”

Like all good friends should do, he went out and purchased another copy of “Somewhere in the Between” for his friend.  “I asked [the drummer] Chris Thatcher if he could get it signed by the whole band for my friend’s birthday,” the owner informed us.  Obviously, Chris agreed, and what you see is the finished product.

“I wrapped this up to send to my friend for his birthday, but he started to become a real ass to everyone.  After that, I decided to keep it for myself, and I’ve had it ever since,” the owner said.

The friend of his should be kicking himself in ass for being one.  Being a fan of Streetlight myself, I am quite jealous that this CD is in the hands of someone else.  The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous for the sake of Streetlight, has no intentions of selling the CD.  He definitely will not be giving it away for any upcoming birthdays either!

Are you a fan of Streetlight Manifesto?  If so, tell me in the comment section what you would do to have a CD like this!

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