Top Videogame Soundtracks

Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2013 by Dylan Benson in Labels: , , ,

Just about everyone enjoys playing some type of video game, and just about everyone enjoys some type of music.  When you put the two together, some great things emerge.  We have come a long way from the 8 bit sounds of the classic games, to full on orchestral arrangements.

Throughout my videogame experience, I have learned that I may not have played all the classics.  I primarily have enjoyed action games, but from what I have played, I think these are the videogames with the best soundtracks.  The following are in no particular order.

Movie Audio: Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Posted: Tuesday, August 6, 2013 by Dylan Benson in Labels: , , , , ,

There are tons of war movies out there that are done very well.  However, one of the best would have to be Saving Private Ryan.  I’m sure everyone who has seen it has said the same thing, but how many have focused on the audio of it?  Being a sound guy, that’s obviously one of the first things that I do.  So let’s dive into the audio of the classic war film’s audio shall we?

If anyone has seen this movie, that opening scene that takes place on the shores of Normandy, France during D-Day will be something you will always remember.  While it was shot incredibly well, Gary Rydstrom did an amazing job as the sound designer for Steven Spielberg’s hit film